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Descrizione: Norman S. Wright Climatec has rapidly grown in recent years to become one of the of premier suppliers of HVAC products and services in the Southern California market. The company’s roots began in 1996 as Airelink Products focusing mainly on air distribution products. Norman S. Wright Mechanical partnered up with Airelink to form Norman S. Wright Airelink and in the process expanded the breath of product lines with a focus on engineering and applied equipment. In 2012 the company evolved to Norman S. Wright of Southern California and continued to increase its engineering and market presence while experiencing rapid growth. With the merging with Climatec Equipment in 2014, Norman S. Wright Climatec was formed, establishing uniform coverage across all of Southern California with one of the most comprehensive offerings of HVAC products in the market.SITE: https://www.nswcla.com Address 3325 East La Palma AvenueAnaheim, CaliforniaUnited States

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