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Descrizione: Troutman Pepper guides clients from startups to multinationals in their most critical legal and business matters. Our attorneys and other professionals provide comprehensive and practical advice that advances our clients’ business objectives, anticipates hurdles, and positions each client to succeed in rapidly evolving markets and regulatory environments.Our platform of 23 offices across the U.S. allows us to meet our clients where they are – and wherever they need us to be. We have deep, unique experience in the industry sectors that will power the national and global economy in the years ahead, including energy, financial services, health sciences, insurance, and private equity. Our service offerings span transactional, regulatory, and litigation practices, covering everything from advertising to zoning.SITE: www.troutman.com Address 600 Peachtree St NE Ste 5200Atlanta, Georgia, 30308United States

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Settore lavorativo: Legal consulting

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