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Descrizione: Precision Fabrics Group was created in 1988 in a leveraged buyout from Burlington Industries, and continues today as a privately-held company. The Company has evolved from a traditional textile manufacturer into an engineered materials business, focused on highly technical, high-quality woven and nonwoven materials.Today, PFG employs approximately 600 associates and operates plants in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Corporate headquarters are located in Greensboro, NC. Our Vinton, VA plant specializes in weaving some of the most technically challenging continuous-filament fabrics in the world. Our Greensboro and Madison, TN facilities are world-class in the range of nonwoven products produced.Precision Fabrics was the first ISO-qualified textile supplier in the USA. ISO continues to provide the discipline and framework for effective and efficient product development, customer service, and manufacturing. Precision Fabrics has been ISO-registered to 9001 since 1993. We were certified to 9001:2015 as of October 2018.SITE: Address 301 N Elm St Ste 600Greensboro, North Carolina27401, United States

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Settore lavorativo: Manufacturing

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