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Descrizione: Whether your company is a start-up or well-established business, you didn’t get where you are by compromising on quality. We didn’t get to be a world leader in injection molding systems for consumer goods, medical devices, beverage and automotive products that way either. Husky systems, hot runners, controllers, auxiliaries, components and services have always been about return on investment, long-term value and end-to-end solutions for customers.That is why we will always prove to be the better value over less advanced or minimally engineered systems. These products often cannot deliver the higher performance, efficiency or reliability of a Husky. And that could cost you more than you expected—in lost productivity, profitability and, most importantly, the trust of your own customers.SITE: https://www.husky.ca Address 500 Queen Street SouthBolton, Ontario, L7E 5S5Canada

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