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Descrizione: For over 45 years Raymond Storage Concepts, Inc. has been the official dealer of Raymond Forklifts in Ohio, Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and West Virginia. As our business has grown and evolved, we have recognized there are 3 critical, yet simple, elements to our success: our customers, our suppliers and our associates.We have an obligation to our customers to help them reach their business objectives. With a focus on honesty and integrity we strive to provide our customers with the best products and services our industry has to offer.We are partnered with a team of world class providers of material handling technology. They are carefully selected to give our customers the long term solutions required for success.SITE: https://www.raymondsci.com Address 5480 Creek RoadCincinnati, Ohio 45242Phone: 513-891-7290Fax: 513-891-7299

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Settore lavorativo: Logistics

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