Vittima: Hill AeroSystems Inc.

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Descrizione: Hill AeroSystems Inc. has been in business since 1970. We are a dedicated Aerospace parts and assemblies producer, offering an extremely diverse manufacturing facility, combining state of the art equipment, in addition to many older manufacturing methodologies supporting aging aircraft fleets. Hill AeroSystems has a strong history of committed support of both in and out of production airframes, both Military and Commercial. Hill specializes in difficult to produce assemblies with specific focus on adding value for our customers with a true commitment to teaming.SITE: www.hillaerosystems.com Address Hill AeroSystems Inc 911 Battersby Ave. Enumclaw, WA 98022

Hash di rilevamento: 3a318bf77f11b2e31bcd9680b211a541e5fc101fe59182577d9d6117e1b2a3ec
Vittima localizzata in: USA
Sito web: N/D
Settore lavorativo: Avionics

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