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Descrizione: Herb and Vi Morse founded Morse Moving in 1954. From their 11 children and 42 grandchildren, twenty-six work full-time in the business today, ensuring you the finest relocation possible in the industry. Morse Moving has eight brothers and three sisters who began working in the business while very young; gaining valuable experience in packing, loading and driving moving vans. Today 3 work as van operators, two of which were named in the Allied’s top ELITE-FLEET, training our upcoming drivers. This ensures our service providers receive the highest level of training! Morse Moving has developed a team of drivers with an average of 14 years experience in moving families and corporations. This allows us to relocate you or your employees across town or around the world. We have “Certified Moving Consultants” and “Certified Relocation Professionals”, with years of experience. They have received several national awards for being the BEST in the relocation industry. They are Allied Quality Award winners and are proud to be the winner of the Allied 2016 Quality Hauling Agent Award.SITE: www.morsemoving.com Address 10049 Harrison Rd Ste 500 Romulus, Michigan, 48174 United States

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